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Since 1885 gold-plated frames and mouldings in compo

Decorative art in the frame
Cornice per dipinti in pastiglia dorata

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The Cavalli & Poli is the collection of frames and gold-plated mouldings in compo: intriguing frames and complex workmanship that can communicate great lightness and simplicity, as if they were born like that, ready for the big debut.

They are frames with a contemporary taste that come from the creative workshop of Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli and tell the precious tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

A Cavalli & Poli frame conveys feeling. The art decoration is perceived in the definition of the decorations, agile and light even in the most demanding frames, in the well-defined backgrounds and in the reliefs that are almost violently embossed.

With this collection, Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli manages to overcome the barrier of the ordinary by landing on the ground of the amazing.

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Composition ornament

Compo is a mixture composed of calcium carbonate, rosin, cooked linseed oil, straw oil, water, honey and leather glue. The recipe, coming from ancient manuals and old recipe books of our company that, already in 1880, produced frames in compo, indicates the exact proportion of the quantities of ingredients in the original sequence.

We knead it manually, until it becomes soft and ductile. The compo is then ready to be moulded into a cylindrical shape and brought to receive the imprinting of the matrix.

The decorations

The decorations are made with original vintage matrices designed and produced by Cavalli & Poli over a period of time ranging from 1880 up to around 1940; during the early years, took place the production of matrices inspired to all the previous styles, and with the advent of Art Nouveau (known in Italy as Stile Liberty) the production of the Cavalli & Poli matrices was renewed by interpreting the new art trend and putting it into practice in its decorations. Our collection consists of 1,600 original matrices.


Thanks to the force developed by the matrix on the compo, the decoration is given its shape. After a few minutes it is already possible to handle, like a brocade, a heavy fabric.

We proceed with the manual profiling of all the necessary elements, just like a tailoring job. The fixing of all the decorations takes place in a natural way: by moistening the support and the decoration with water so that the leather glue inserted in the mixture can come out. In this way, one of the most tenacious adhesives is developed, capable of anchoring the decoration in compo to the most varied supporting materials.

This is how the whole that will give life to the final product will be created: a Cavalli & Poli frame.

Once the coating has been finished, the next step is using a gold or silver leaf gilding or a basic colour in ivory or black. At this point the frame is ready for the final step, the classic Cavalli & Poli patina.

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Master Frames

Dettaglio cornice per dipinto dorata in pastiglia

They are frames made to contain paintings with frame. They are characterized by a more or less shaped base, by a carefully crafted decoration and by a suitable bar to contain paintings.

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Print Frames

Dettaglio cornice per stampe antiche dorata in pastiglia

They are frames to hold prints. The structure has smaller bases, with a width ranging from 14 mm up to a maximum of 40 mm.

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