Virtuous frame artisans

Strumenti di lavoro per la produzione artigianale di cornici

Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli is a reality born from the merger of two companies: the ultra-centennial Cavalli & Poli and Studio Rufus born in 1980.

They have products at the antipodes but follow a single philosophy: pursue a tradition of manufacturing based on know-how, where the ultimate goal is intransigence on the result: the good product.

Cavalli & Poli was founded in the late 1800s by two engineers from Cremona. After a start in building musical instruments, they decide to change course: with the industrial revolution, the bourgeois taste for home furnishings and the taste for decoration blows up, so they move towards the production of decorations, first in a generic way, then specializing in decorations for frames. The work is based on an ancient eighteenth-century recipe of compo.

Semi-artistic craftsmanship goes hand in hand with the tastes of the market: it is not a conventional practice for those times and it is immediately a success, both in Italy and abroad. The farsighted founders want to have in their possession matrices of original designs: not like the competitors who have them drawn in workshops that only imitate existing ornamental motifs, Cavalli & Poli commissions artists, set designers, painters and designers. This move raises the artistic level of the artefact that soon becomes an Italian excellence, so as to bring the products Cavalli & Poli in the largest museums in the world and in all the homes of the upper middle class.

To say that Cavalli & Poli has the world’s largest collection of original matrices is not conceited.

In 2001, Cavalli & Poli chooses Studio Rufus, which deals with frames and ancient graphics: the recovery of the matrices scattered almost everywhere begins. This operation will last 15 years and has served to rebuild the entire artistic part and rediscover the know-how of a company with a dense history. Same matrices, same methodologies, combined in a contemporary way so as not to lose all the work and genius of the hundreds of people who worked on them.

In 2005, Cavalli & Poli moves from Cremona to Carpenedolo, in the province of Brescia – near Studio Rufus – to improve the synergy on the processing of basic raw materials. In 2007, arrives the merger of the two firms in Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli Frames srl.

That choice is a difficult road, which represents the identity of a company that hangs tight and is satisfied with its own work.

What is Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli today?

The History: the meaning of everything that has already been lived.

The Work: the creative activity that moves us.

The Commitment: the strong drive to do well.

The Enjoyment: the pleasure that each manufactured product gives.

The Identity: recognising ourselves in every product that leaves the studio.

The story of Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli tells of an ancient craft, of the phases of life of a timeless product, of commitment, effort, study, difficulty and growth. It carries on the Italian tradition of artistic craftsmanship in making frames with the rule of good practice.

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