Frames with the rule of good practice

Sensitivity, knowledge, passionate research, the ability to combine all this in an appropriate and aesthetic way.

This is what makes Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli really different from all the others in the creation of artisan frames.

Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli satisfies your needs for uniqueness and care, aesthetics and ethics: it creates handmade frames that aspire to excellence.

All the frames by Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli are handcrafted and therefore originals. They contain a world and they amplify it: they contribute to the reading of a work, a painting, a photograph, a print, extending its aesthetic sense beyond its boundaries.

Each frame becomes a living presence in your personal space. From the choice of the essence of wood to the closing of the edges, there is the constant effort to transform the material into an intimately lived product.

At Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli there are artisans who think like artisans and work like artisans: who use their hands, brains, experience and a craft they inherited from those who did it with care many years ago.

Our Frames

Since 1885 gold-plated frames and mouldings in compo

Cavalli & Poli

The Cavalli & Poli is the collection of frames and gold-plated mouldings in compo: intriguing frames and complex workmanship that can communicate great lightness and simplicity.

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Cornice per dipinti in pastiglia dorata

Since 1980 frames and mouldings in essence

Studio Rufus

The Studio Rufus collection presents frames and mouldings in cherry wood. The thin veins, the marbling, the unpredictable movements make it particular and refined.

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Dettaglio cornice in ciliegio

Frames for exhibitions

Rufus Photo Hub

Rufus Photo Hub is the collection of Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli dedicated to exhibition frames.

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Dettaglio cornice per mostre e musei

Natural and coloured frame mouldings: a collection dedicated to those who build frames


Natural is the collection of Studio Rufus Cavalli & Poli which contains mouldings for natural and coloured frames: shapes and complements that present the essence as a natural decorative element, the perfect basis for multiplying opportunities and opening up to the infinite creativity of finishes.

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Aste per cornici grezze

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